Mobile development

We offer mobile development services for all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Backed up by QA team our mobile developers create quality and bug-free applications.


Being the most numerous mobile sub-division in the company our team of iOS developers builds great apps that are downloaded hundreds thousand of times. We aim to embed all the novelties of iOS SDK and adapt the apps to meet the goals of our clients and target audience.


Android developers form the second largest mobile team. Given profound Android experience and in-house QA team Cogniteq tackles Android development most effectively despite the platform fragmentation.

Windows Phone

Our company was one of the first that started creating apps for Microsoft mobile platform and migrating apps from other platforms to Windows Phone. Though the platform is not that widespread Cogniteq has built up expertise and delivered a number of successful projects.


Cogniteq also specialises in cross-platform development to create hybrid applications using such tools and frameworks as PhoneGap, Appcelerator Titanium, Adobe AIR and Unity.


Cogniteq has gathered extensive portfolio of the mobile work over the company experience. Please feel free to browse through our projects on the website or contact us for more examples.

Our Work