OUR Process

Over the years Cogniteq refined development processes to offer our clients most effective methodologies based on the project specifics. Starting with Cogniteq is an easy and straight-forward process whether the client chooses Project-based approach or Dedicated Team.

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Approach us with Project Specification, brief or mock-ups while we will estimate the project budget and provide planning with milestones along with acceptance criteria. The contract is executed on this basis and the development is initiated.


The team is assigned with Project Manager or Team Lead. The project is split into a number of iterations and reporting procedure is coordinated with the client. The coding and integration, regular builds are carried out during this stage.


Cogniteq internal QA team conducts testing of the product and issues correspondent test reports. Project Team proceeds with the project stabilization based on the QA documentation and provides the client with the release candidate.


The client is delivered with the final product which is consequently verified according to the acceptance criteria. All the source code is passed to the client and the product is either deployed to the server or uploaded to App Store or Google Play.



We employ Project Managers with profound experience in coordinating the product development. Our PMs know the priorities of the customers and are skilled to build the bridge between the client and the developers. Effective development approaches make cooperation with us transparent and risk-free.


Well-established communication is a surest way to success in remote cooperation. Cogniteq engineers speak good English and are always available during working hours via all communication means. We value the time of our clients and build the interaction process as effectively as possible.


Team is our most valuable resource on which we build up our expertise. Most of the engineers have senior experience, they are proactive enough to work independently and have great communication skills. Cogniteq undertakes motivation and retention policies resulting in minimal employee turnover.