Dedicated Team

Cogniteq offers services of creating a team of dedicated developers according to the project needs and company structure. The team will fully correspond to the client’s internal processes and will be seamlessly integrated into the company's structure.


The team of full-time developers can be created fast and further ramped up according to the predefined plan. Cogniteq possesses large internal pool of developers and can employ additional developers should the need arise.


The team can be increased or downsized according to the current situation of the client that reflects the market fluctuations or seasonal demand.


Dedicated Team tends to optimize the development budget in the long-run perspective directly or indirectly compared to project-based cooperation.


The nearshore team is seamlessly integrated into structure of the client by maximising the cohesion with the in-house developers. Our developers become the integral part of the client's team by adopting company’s methodologies and practices.


Getting started with Dedicated Team is easy by following 4 simple steps. You can read more how we can create a team for you.

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